ANZAC Jet Meeting - Tokoroa - Report by Don Barker on 04-02-2012

I am proud  to share some great news and  hopefully  give us all  "a warm fuzzy".

Carl Hansen and his Co Pilot Don Barker attended the ANZAC Jet meeting  along with LLoyd & Morris Bushby representing both the Whangarei Model Aircraft Club & Northern Helicopter Modellers Club.
We had many members from our combined  Clubs in attendance at Tokoroa and I really now understand the meaning of comradeship, team work, mutual respect and some serious mickey taking  from like minded people having an absolute ball for 3 days.
Clayton Mitchell  did the full monty and up staged us all by flying to Tokoroa  in a  Robinson R44.  It was great to see him flying so well in the full size machine  after 250 hours of  airtime  and combining his love for flying both the real machines and real models.
13 of us stayed at the Redwood Lodge and in the spirit of the  NMHC "where we fly hard and party even harder" ( yea right Steve Nichols who went to bed at 2155 on the Saturday Night).  Steve Nichols, Steve Ford, Michael Ryden ( Dont mess with me and raffles) and Jeremy Maddely
Due to the lack of volunteers it seems I was nominated the kitchen bitch again and we have all come back a little heavier, especially after our Bourgeois BBQ prawns and mushrooms. ( those buggers ate them all except Nichols who doesnt do spicey)
Three WRMAC members did us all  proud.
Steve Nichols ( dont give me any of that spicy shit) took Lloyd & Morris  for their Turbine Plank  Wings test along with Paul Connor from the Far North Club (& living in Paihia) Thanks to Steve's efforts they all passed  in front of many peers & spectators - great achievement boys and as predicted there is a bit of talent in the Bushby clan. It was only a few years ago that Lloyd came for advice insisting that he only wanted to fly tiny little Helicopters. (Ah warned ya!)  Both of  them now  have" the model  sickness" big time  and are much much poorer but also richer. Lloyd is also very smart as he has managed  to keep his Harley. It really makes a difference when we have support from our wives and all the spare cash turns into  "toys".  It  was  a joy to see two  brothers enjoying each others company so much with Morris juggling shifts from his work in an  Australian iron ore mine seven  hours flying away,  just to come home for the meeting for 5 days. Paul Connor is in the business of selling Jets - NZ Jet Centre - Please support him folks. ( Does he have the deal for you or what)
Carl Hansen stole the show with his new Mil 24 Hind which was made by Matthias Strupth from Heli Classics in East Germany. For the few WRMAC  members who have seen it flying during our recent flight testing, it is an impressive sight when being flown by a master pilot and engineer.  It weighs 24.8 Kg and is enormous with many hoops having to be jumped through by many people  in a short time to achieve certification to fly in public.  We both had a bad day recently at Kaikohe & Carl also proved that it is possible to Auto a large model and survive unscathed after the main gear failed on his Long Ranger. It was encouraging to see Carl bouncing back with renewed confidence showing the world that a model can look like the real thing. (no pressure Carl)
There is no better recognition than that of your peers and Carl won both the Pilots Choice unanimously and the Best Scale Model prizes.
Renee from Galtec Models took the prize for the best flight with his large  turbo prop Fletcher complete with simulated spraying runs down the strip.
Without writing a long report,  is too difficult to give all the details from a great 3 days packed full of inspiration and comradeship, so I suggest if any one wants to see the action first hand, hook on to the net and see what we were part of.

Check out Xjets Channel on you tube!!

Apart from improving my kitchen bitch skills with minimal tools, I have come back from the meeting refreshed having cemented some great long lasting friendships and the goal for this year is to get my Turbine Jet Rating and still keep our other toys. ( I promise we wont have to sell them Janet)

Grateful thanks to Steve Nichols for giving his valuable time up doing both the Model Certifier &  examiner bit. It is much apprecieated and ususlly the majority of members do not really appreciate the untiring efforts some people  do for little reward.

Don Barker


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Carl's MIL-24 flying at Tokoroa
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