WMAC Inter-Club on 30-07-2011


Secretary’s Report

What an absolutely awesome event!!!

I had missed the convoy of members that left the Albany Tavern and headed off to the winterless north by a couple of hours. I had flown in from Papua New Guinea very late the night before and slept in but luckily I’d packed my car full of models before I went away so all I had to do was get out of bed and start driving!

Upon arrival at the WMAC field I was greeted by absolutely stunning weather, a sky full of model helicopters and a warm welcome from the NHMC Northern boys. I had arrived in heaven.

Once I’d unpacked my models and joined the skies with the others it was immediately apparent just what a great location this is for model flying with plenty of airspace and even a lovely mown strip for landing the planks that some of us had taken along.

Lunches were all laid on both Saturday and Sunday for us and I can confirm that the NHMC Northern boys do a mean soup and a mean steak sandwich!!

Late Saturday afternoon we had a small amount of drizzle arrive so Don organised a tour of the Northland Emergency Services rescue helicopter service. We were given detailed information on the helicopters used for rescue purposes and also the chance to sit in them and pose for some action shots and also try the night vision helmets in a completely pitch black area and take it from me these things are unbelievable. This really was a unique experience and one that we all will remember for a very long time. Check out the smile on Gary’s face.


And yes that is your club President and Secretary in there trying to figure out if its mode 1 or mode 2 and who should be sitting on the right. The white machine had just come back from a rescue hence the damp screen.


A separate letter will be sent to the Northland Emergency Services Trust thanking them for this unique opportunity.


Saturday evening saw lots of fun back at the motel. As almost all of us were staying overnight to enjoy both days flying and were all staying at the same motel it was great to share stories of the days flights over a few drinks.


After a late night we arose to an absolutely fantastic Sunday morning so we all grabbed a quick bite to eat and got stuck into what the NHMC does best - Tearing up the Skies!!!


A fantastic weekend was had by all and for all of you who are on my case;YES we will do this event again. 


Steve Ford


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Clayton flying large scale RC Robinson R22 helicopter at WMAC funfly.
Ian's Tricopter
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