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Welcome to the Northern Helicopter Modellers Club Auckland.

If you would like to join the clubRemote control aircraft Auckland or learn how to fly model helicopters, multi-copters and a range of fixed wing aircraft, feel free to drop down to the field and meet the club members.

Remote control helicopter AucklandThrough the Club, you will find experienced pilots keen to help and assist in setting up your model along with flight instruction.

We have a "training stand" available for members use. With this, the model is attached to a system of counterbalanced arms, such that it can move about, but not hit the ground, great for those initial flights. Further, we may be able to "buddy box" with you. This is where both the Student and Instructor each have a transmitter, connected by a data cable.RC model aircraft Auckland
The Instructor can release a switch, thereby giving him or her complete control of the model, should you get into difficulties, alternatively, you can contact one of the club administrators via the contact page or download a membership form.

Rc planes and multicopters AucklandThe last few years have seen a significant rise in the use of radio controlled aircraft now referred to as UAV "unmanned aerial vehicles." This rise in use is due to new technologies allowing easier control of the craft. These technologies are often referred to as model aircraft control boards with auto pilot and GPS functionality.

With the addition of first person view or FPV, pilots may now view the flight from the aircraft including other flight data via video goggles or small monitor screens. Many new businesses have sprung up promoting UAV's in the way of video drones, photo drones, aerial photography drones, racing quadcopers, multicopters and so forth, encouraging countless thousands across the globe to invest in this rapidly evolving technology. Drone maintance auckland

In most if not all cases; manufacturers and sales persons give the purchaser a high degree of confidence in these products. Most end up with broken toys without the knowledge to repair or maintain the aircraft.

As with other countries, the New Zealand CAA has persuaded the minister of transportation into signing off on a new set ofModel helicopter regulations covering the use of UAV's, changing the CAA rules that for so long governed the use of remote controlled aircraft. These new rules are still metamorphosing into what we hope is a more logical approach to the problem in the near future.

In some countries it is almost impossible to legally fly your aircraft outside of your own property or a designated club airfield. This heavy handed approached is fuelled by fear of severe accidents involving persons on the ground and other aircraft.

The best place to find the facts and learn to fly properly and safely as well as aircraft maintenance, is through clubs like ours; affiliated to the MFNZ (Model Flying New Zealand,) who also produce a very informative monthly magazine.

MFNZ affiliated model aircraft clubs like ours, are in a position to take you through our pilot training program, so that you may acquire your wings. The CAA are making some allowances for UAV operators who have acquired their MFNZ wings. The NZMF also advise / consult with the CAA, as a club member you have the right to have your say.

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